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The Maldives isrna nation of islands in the Indian Ocean that spans across the equator,rnresulting in hotrntemperatures all year round. You can enjoy a tropical climate that is consistently hot and often humid, but withrndistinct wet and dry seasons asrnwell. The temperatures vary slightly between the different islands but are constantly high betweenrn77°F (25°C) and 90°F (32°C) allrnover the year. The water temperature of the Pacific is pleasantly warm with around 84°F (29°C). The Maldives offer great experiencesrnespecially in and around the ocean. From diving to snorkeling or surfingrneverything is possible. Although the wind in the Maldives is not as strong asrnin the world's famous surf spots, this makes it much easier to get started.rnMany resorts therefore offer their own surf school with courses over severalrndays or weeks. It is also worth exploring the exotic water diversity by boat orrnin combination with a snorkeling trip. For this purpose, either a sailboat (orrnalso a boat with supporting motorization) or a traditional Dhoni is suitable.rnThese are elongated wooden boats with the triangular sail or motor. They arernone of the typical means of transportation of the locals and offer a specialrnromantic character. The boats are not particularly deep in the water, whichrnallows a fascinating view of the beautiful underwater world at close range.rnThere is also the possibility to rent a kayak and explore the beautiful reefsrnon your own. But always remember to be careful, because the reefs are veryrnsensitive and can be destroyed by even the smallest touch. You can rent a bootrnat clickrnand boat and arnDhoni round trip at moja-travel.


Fishingrnis one of the most popular activities in the Maldives. Harpooning and fishingrnwith a rod is prohibited on the islands. Therefore, the most common way ofrnfishing in the Maldives is trolling. This involves trolling large plugs or baitrnfish about 100 meters behind the boat on the water surface. Experience showsrnthat this method promises good catches. For deep-sea fishing, small groups takerna motorboat out to sea and join forces to land thresher for example sharks orrntuna. If you want to experience traditional Maldivian trolling you can book a tour at vilarnmendhoo.

Arncommon way to explore as many islands of the Maldives as possible is islandrnhopping. On matadorrnnetwork you canrnfind everything you have to remember for an island-hopping trip. Most visitorsrnstart in the capital Malé and have already booked a tour of various islands andrnresorts before departure. The lively capital offers many opportunities forrnexploration and provides insights into the culture of the Maldives and the wayrnof life of the locals. For the onward journey we recommend a boat or arnseaplane, which makes every spot of the countless islands accessible.

Current Weather Maledives

76°F heavy intensity rain
Local Time

Hourly 10 Days

Averages Maldives

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

86° 86° 90° 90° 88° 86° 86° 86° 86° 88° 88° 88°

Low °F

73° 73° 72° 72° 70° 70° 68° 68° 70° 70° 70° 70°


7 7 7 8 7 7 8 8 8 8 7 6

Rain days

14 13 10 8 7 6 5 4 4 7 9 13

Water °F

82° 82° 82° 83° 82° 81° 79° 77° 79° 79° 79° 81°

Maldives Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Maldives

The most popular time ofrnyear to visit is between October and April when rainfall amounts are lowerrnalong with the longest hours of sunshine. In the summer months there is arngreater risk of storms. As is common in tropical areas, the rains mostly occurrnin the form of short and intense downpours or thunderstorms. Between June andrnNovember may be the best time to visit for snorkeling and diving. This is the best time to swim with the big marine dwellers, especially inrnBaa Atoll when manta rays and whale sharks gather year-round to feed onrnplankton trapped in the island of the atoll. 

Things to know about Maldives

The Maldives is made up of almost 1200 small and tiny islands. They are further divided into 26 natural atolls stretching from north to south across more than 800 kilometres.

The Maldives has an incomparably diverse marine life with more than 1,000 species of fish, 40 species of sharks, dolphins, turtles, tropical fish, manta rays, stingrays, sea turtles and even whale sharks. It is a world-class diving and snorkeling destination with an incredible coral reef, but it is important to recognize that the marine ecology is becoming increasingly vulnerable due to overfishing, climate change, pollution, etc. You can do your part by taking shared transportation, reducing usage of single-use plastic, partaking in beach cleanups and not touching the coral reef or animals or reusing towels for example.

Choosing a hotel can be so overwhelming because the variation is indescribable. If you have a small budget, you should stay near the airport. This way you can hop on a shared boat or a private speedboat and get to the local guesthouse relatively easily. Be careful. Read exactly how much additional taxes and transportation costs are, it is often not included in the room rate.
The experience of flying with a seaplane is a very special event and something the Maldives is known for. You can book a flight for something between 200 and 500 dollars to get around and enjoy an unforgettable view over the landscape.

There can be time differences in comparison to the capital Malé so don’t be surprised if your island has their own “island time”. It takes one or two days to get used to it but then you will learn to forget about time.
Islam is the official religion of The Maldives. Pork and alcohol are forbidden on local islands and you might hear prayer announcements throughout the day. However private resorts are allowed to serve alcohol.
There is no pre-arrival visa required for The Maldives, but you need to
 make sure your passport is still valid for at least 6 months.

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