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Whether and how long you can ski for in Lake Tahoe in April very much depends on the amount of snowfall in the months before. Skiing seasons have lasted until late April in some of the past years- but that’s just a guide. On average there should be snow of up to 15.2 inches even in April. Temperatures can now reach up to 55°F which could be really pleasant for skiers who look to avoid the extreme cold. You will now find lows of 31°F and the daily sunshine hours increase to 11 h compared to 6 h in winter. And there is even a very special skiing event on in April - the Annual Snow Golf Tournament.

If the conditions aren’t great for skiing anymore in April there is so much else on offer in Lake Tahoe. The first thing that comes to mind is hiking or you can go on a cruise to explore Lake Tahoe from the water. If you are seeking a bit of peace and quiet, you can have a relaxing day in one of the spas. For some entertainment you could visit a casino or one of the great local events such as the Earth Day. One great thing about April in Lake Tahoe is that it is the off season so you can find some good deals.

High and Low Temperature in April °F

Water Temperature in April °F

Current Weather Lake Tahoe

45°F clear sky
Local Time

Hourly 10 Days

Averages Lake Tahoe

  J F M A M J J A S O N D

High °F

44° 45° 49° 55° 63° 73° 80° 79° 74° 63° 51° 44°

Low °F

25° 26° 28° 31° 37° 44° 50° 50° 46° 38° 31° 26°


6h 7h 9h 11h 11h 12h 13h 12h 11h 8h 7h 6h

Snow (inch)

44 38 36 15 4 0 0 0 0 2 16 36

Water °F

43° 43° 43° 45° 50° 59° 70° 70° 63° 60° 53° 50°

Lake Tahoe Weather by Month

Best Time to Visit Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is actually a great vacation destination all year round, especially if you are looking to be active. From hiking in the spring and fall to swimming and water sports in summer and skiing and winter sports in winter, you will never be bored! And the weather with its seasonal changes allows for a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Spring and fall temperatures in the mid to high 50s°F are great for making the most of the outdoors. They’re also the least busy seasons and when you’ll be able to get the better deals on accomodation. It’s also pretty dry in the spring and fall shoulder seasons and in summer. In summer it can reach up to 80°F with the water temperature of the alpine Lake Tahoe climbing up to 70°F. And winters with up to 44 inches of snow are great for any type of winter sports. Do wrap up warm though as it can get down to a cool 25°F.

Things to know about Lake Tahoe

The incredibly clear alpine Lake Tahoe is the natural border between California and Nevada. It has an enormous surface area of 191 square miles and at an altitude of 6224ft, it is the largest alpine lake in North America.

Lake Tahoe rocks on water at sunset
Lake Tahoe night time view stars

It was in the 1950s that Lake Tahoe started to become really popular as a vacation destination and later saw visitor numbers increase further because of the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley in 1960. Enjoying the lake at night is great too.

In summer, the lake with a length of 62 miles is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The most sought after beach towns are South Lake Tahoe in California as well as Stateline in Nevada. The latter, with its 6 casinos, is the place to head to if you are up for some gambling. You will find beautiful sand beaches all along the lake. And in case the weather doesn’t allow for swimming in the lake, you might want to rent a boat to explore it.

Lake Tahoe summer bathing
Lake Tahoe kajak beach
A highlight is also a tour to the Emerald State Bay Park in South Lake Tahoe with its Fannette Island. It’s the only island on the lake and while there you can visit the Vikingsholm Castle- a castle built in the 1920s as a summer residence with an impressive 38 rooms.

Lake Tahoe Mountain Trees and Water
Lake Tahoe Fannette Island
Another place you shouldn’t miss is the Incline Village. It was used as the set of the Ponderosa Ranch in the show ‘Bonanza’ and it’s kind of an amusement park.

The shoulder seasons as well as summer are a great time to go hiking or mountain biking. There is absolutely nowhere better to do so than along the over 200 mile long Tahoe Rim Trail that goes all around the lake and offers incredible views. You can even explore the trail whilst horse riding. And in winter the cross country skiing trail is prepared along it. Once you reach the Relay Peak you will find yourself as high as 10,000 ft. Along the trail you will also pass the 100 sq mile large ‘Desolation Wilderness’ which is a nature reserve that is home to many animals including bears and golden eagles. The area around the lake is also famous for its stunning waterfalls.

Lake Tahoe winter snow skiing
Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Waterfall

In the cold months, Lake Tahoe with its diverse ski resorts is the place to visit for any kind of winter sport enthusiasts. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, for example, is famous for its huge amounts of snow. And Squaw Valley, on the Californian side, has been host to the Winter Olympics in 1960. Besides skiing and snowboarding, the resorts also offer sledding tubes, snowmobiles, snowshoes and ice skating- anything one could imagine doing in winter!

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